I LOVE babies and I LOVE Photography, back in 2016 somehow my two loves collided and now I am a Newborn Photographer. Best job ever! I have specialized in Newborn photography for over 3 years and love everything about it. Seriously though, who wouldn’t love cuddling babies all day every day? They are just so amazing and super cute!
On a more serious note, I have spent many, many hours researching everything there is to know about babies and safely posing babies. In my line of work, you need to ensure baby is safe and protected throughout the entire experience.  
As you would see in my image’s babies are posed into little baskets, buckets and curled up into the cutest positions ever, therefore I recommend photographing babies in the first 14 days of their life. However, I can photograph babies right up to 6 weeks as a newborn although some poses may be limited as baby has learnt how they like to stretch out.

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